Will Everyone Find out if I File for Bankruptcy?

Probably Not. 

Unless you’re a prominent person or a major corporation and the Bankruptcy filing is picked up by the mainstream media, the chances are good that the only people who will ever know that you filed for bankruptcy are your creditors and the people you personally tell. 

While your bankruptcy is a matter of public record, unless someone is specifically trying to track down information on you, there is very little chance that anyone will even know you filed Bankruptcy, as the information is difficult to find. 

Usually people do not go to the trouble of trying to find out who has filed Bankruptcy because, frankly, it is not very interesting information. 

In our experience, if someone (for whatever reason) finds out that you filed for Bankruptcy, he or she usually feels nothing but empathy and compassion for your situation. If he or she does not feel that way, he or she is probably not someone you would want to associate with or call a "friend" any way.